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Parent Leaders for Education In The News

RGJ 4/2/2013: Community beginning to rally around 13 Washoe schools »
PARENT LEADERS PRESS RELEASE 2/17/2013: Joint Press Release in support of AB 46 »
LAS VEGAS SUN 2/12/2013: Want to navigate the dark cave of the Nevada Legislature? Here's a flashlight »
SPARKS TRIBUNE 1/30/2013: Superintendent, Board of Trustees assess school district »
RGJ 1/20/13: Washoe County School District out of money to fix schools
NEWS3 1/18/13: Ralston Reports »
NEWS4 1/18/13: To the Point with Anjeanette Damon (Channel 4) »
KTVN 1/18/13: "Read by Three" a State Priority »
NEVADA NEWSMAKERS 1/17/13: NV NewsMakers Channel 4 »
KTVN 1/16/2013: KTVN Channel 2 News This Morning »
KUNR 1/16/2013: Beyond The Headlines: Are libraries alive and well? (Start at 28:00) »
SPARKS TRIBUNE 1/15/2013: 'Public Schools Week' proclaimed by City Council »
KTVN 1/15/2013: 'Technology Tuesday' Focused on Making Classrooms Smarter »
KOLO 1/15/2013: Washoe County Schools Showcase Technology »
NEWS4 1/14/2013: Washoe Co. schools seek capital projects funding solution »
RGJ 1/14/2013: Group kicks off Public Schools Week at Roy Gomm Monday
SPARKS TRIBUNE 1/14/2013: 'Public Schools Week' proclaimed by City Council »
KOLO 1/14/2013: Education Advocates Show Needed Maintenance Projects »
KTVN 1/14/2013: 'Public Schools Week' to Highlight WCSD Issues »
RGJ 1/14/2013: Parents will push Nevada Legislature on schools
PRESS RELEASE 1/10/2013: Public Schools Week: January 14-18, 2013 »
FOXRENO 1/9/2013: 'Public Schools Week' next week in Washoe County »
NEVADA NEWS BUREAU 9/18/2012: Panel addresses lack of educational funding »
KRNV NEWS4 9/18/2012: Panel addresses lack of educational funding

2011 and earlier

NEWS4 4/6/2011: Watch Parent Leaders for Education on Face to Face with Jon Ralston
RGJ 4/1/2011: Deteriorations will be result of the cuts
RGJ 3/30/2011: Economy requires accountability, too
NEVADA APPEAL 3/29/2011: Deonne Contine: Nevada won't get stronger by defunding education »
RGJ 3/9/2011: Reaction to budget cuts boils over
RGJ 2/16/2011: School Zone: It's about time we recognized education's economic impact
KOLO 2/2/2011: Potential Cuts To NV Education Could Have a Serious Local Impact »
KRN 2/2/2011: Think massive cuts will hurt the education system? Parent group says speak up »
KTVN 2/2/2011: Parent Leaders for Education Take a Stand »
KTVN 1/29/2011: Nevadans Voice Worry Over Education Cuts »
RGJ 1/26/2011: State of Education speech emphasizes teamwork
KTVN 1/26/2011: WCSD Superintendent Gives First State of Education Address »
SPARKS TRIBUNE 1/16/2011: Lawmakers, parents, students examine funding needs »
RGJ 1/13/2011: Washoe schools seek replacement for expiring stimulus money
SPARKS TRIBUNE 1/6/2011: Parent Leaders for Education »
RGJ 12/1/2010: Parent, schools team up to make education a priority
KRN 11/18/2010: Parents, educators discuss school funding challenges »
KTVN 11/17/2010: Parents Stand-Up for Education »
RGJ 11/15/2010: Washoe parents plan to keep schools in lawmakers' minds

News Links

NEWS4 10/9/2014: Public gets up close with School Board members running for re-election »
KTVN 9/26/2014: WCSD Seat F Race Pits Frenkel Against Shaw »
KTVN 9/25/2014: WCSD Seat C Race Pits Clark Against Smith »
NEWS4 9/25/2014: School district silent on plan moving forward »
KTVN 9/23/2014: WCSD Board Approve to Buy Out Pedro Martinez's Contract »
KTVN 7/31/2014: Pedro Martinez will Return to Work Friday »
NEWS4 11/13/13: Moving on from AB 46 will be a challenge for Washoe County School District »
NEWS4 11/12/13: Washoe County Commission shuts down AB 46 »
KOLO 9/17/13: Washoe County Commissioners Meeting on Capital Funding »
NEWS4 8/20/13: County commissioners, school officials discuss AB 46 at special public meeting »
RALSTON 7/22/13: Washoe commissioner expresses concerns on eve of sales tax for schools discussion »
WCSD 5/28/13: WCSD Leaders Discuss Vote of Support for AB 46 »
NEW4 5/28/13: Assembly Oks letting county commissioners tax »
RGJ 5/28/13: Washoe school-tax bill passes Assembly, gives County Commission ultimate authority to approve the school taxes »
RN&R 5/24/13: Chamber supports school funding »
RGJ 4/5/13: Money is critical to maintaining investment »
RGJ 4/1/13: AB46 an investment in schools »
OFFICE OF GOVERNOR 4/1/13: Sandoval Puts Additional 25 Million Towards Nevada Students »
NEWS4 3/29/13: Nevada State Superintendent Resigns »
RGJ 3/26/13: We must be able to maintain schools »
RGJ 3/30/13: Funding needed to meet needs of older schools »
LAS VEGAS SUN 3/5/13: Dwight Jones, reform-minded superintendent, to leave School District »
NEWS4 1/31/2013: WCSD needs community support for capital funds bill »
WCSD 1/30/2013: The Washoe County School District School Performance Framework (WCSD-PF) »
KOLO 1/30/2013: WCSD Superintendent Gives 'State of Education' »
WCSD 1/29/2013: Watch the 2013 State of Education Address Tonight at 6 p.m. »
RGJ 1/20/2013: Editorial: State must put its resources behind teaching kids to read
RGJ 1/19/2013: Full-day kindergarten pushed by Republican governor »
WCSD 1/18/2013: Funding for Washoe County School District Capital Projects: Assembly Bill (AB) 46 »
KOLO 1/17/2013: Sandoval Outlines Education Plan »
KOLO 1/16/2013: Sandoval wants to expand full-day kindergarten »
RGJ 1/16/2013: Education takes budget priority
WCSD 6/29/2012: Board of Trustees Selects Pedro Martinez For Superintendent Post »
LAS VEGAS SUN 5/9/2012: Last-hired teachers can be first fired, despite intent of 2011 Legislature »
RGJ 3/7/12: Candidates for federal, state and local office

2011 and earlier

LAS VEGAS SUN 6/1/11: 5 ways education will change if reform bills become law »
NEVADA NEWS BUREAU 6/1/11: Budget Deal Announced Today Includes Extension Of Taxes, Major Reforms »
LAS VEGAS SUN 6/1/11: State of Nevada Final Budget (.pdf) »
LAS VEGAS SUN 6/1/11: A triumph of leadership »
RGJ 6/1/11: Budget deal called 'a proud day for Nevada'
LAS VEGAS SUN5/26/2011: In a reversal, Sandoval to consider extending 2009 tax increases »
RGJ 5/26/2011: Nevada high court ruling opens $62M hole in Sandoval budget
5/20/2011: Clark County School District Short List of Key Bills (as of May 20, 2011) »
OFFICE OF GOVERNOR 5/16/2011: Assembly Bill 568 of the 76th Legislative Session »
NEVADA ASSEMBLY 5/16/2011: Ways & Means Chair Debbie Smith's Statement On Governor's Veto Of K-12 Education Budget »
LAS VEGAS REVIEW 5/2/2011: Economic Forum weighs state revenue projections »
RGJ 4/27/2011: B.J. Sullivan: Governor was wrong to veto school repair bill
RGJ 4/25/2011: Brian Sandoval: We must reform the way education funds are spent
RGJ 4/17/2011: UNR President Milt Glick dies of massive stroke
OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR 4/4/2011: Assembly Bill 183 of the 76th Legislative Session »
LAS VEGAS SUN 4/4/2011: Sandoval vetoes first bill of legislative session »
RGJ 4/4/2011: Debbie Smith responds to Gov. Sandoval's veto of school construction bill
RGJ 4/4/2011: Governor Sandoval vetoes Nevada school construction bill
LAS VEGAS SUN 4/3/2011: Raggio-style deal-making a no-go this time »
RGJ 4/3/2011: Ray Hagar: Sandoval veto on schools bill could come back to haunt him
LAS VEGAS SUN 4/1/2011: A pointed look at why our schools are failing »
LAS VEGAS SUN 3/30/2011: Ralston interviewed Debbie Smith & Heidi Gansert about AB183 »
KTVN 3/29/2011: KTVN News coverage of AB183 Press Conference »
KOLO 3/29/2011: KOLO News coverage of AB183 Press Conference »
RGJ 3/19/2011: A compromise on the budget? Maybe, maybe not
UNR 3/8/2011: Letter from President Glick »
LAS VEGAS SUN 2/27/2011: Can we find a way forward? »
RGJ 2/26/2011: Jim Pfrommer: Now is the time to invest in Nevada's economic future
LAS VEGAS SUN 1/27/2011: Can't cut to greatness »
KOLO 1/27/2011: Washoe Superintendent Reacts to Budget Cuts »
WCSD 1/26/2011: Superintendent Gives First State of Education Address »
BLOOMBERG 1/26/2011: Nevada governor suggests school funding cuts »
RGJ 1/26/2011: Washoe school chief: Budget cuts could mean cutting sports and band, increasing class size
RGJ 1/7/2011: Business-education partnership key to diversifying Nevada's economy, regional experts say »
1/3/2011: Governor Sandoval Signs Executive Orders and Proclamation »
RGJ 12/12/2010: Heath Morrison: When schools fail, the state's economy is affected
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